Welcome to the 2018 Antigonish International Film Festival

We have an exciting programme on offer again this year: 33 documentary films with a strong selection of award-winners from around the world! The films cover issues both local and global: everything from music and art to refugee and immigration issues, gender identification and sexual violence, politics, history, environmental injustices and victories, and more. These stories have the power to change our lives and communities, to make them more inclusive and just. As the old saying goes, you will laugh and you will cry. You will learn and you will be moved.

Have a look at the film descriptions, check out the schedule and make a plan for what you would like to experience. You have a huge range to choose from!

This year we have added a new venue: the Antigonish Legion/CACL at 75 St. Ninian Street. The Friday night features will be shown there, 7:00 - 9:30. We are so pleased to be able to feature Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World. This Canadian-made documentary has won multiple awards, including: Canadian Screen Award 2018, Hot Docs Audience Award 2017, Boulder Film Festival Best Music Documentary Film 2017, Sundance Film Festival World Cinema Documentary Winner 2017. This feature will be preceded by the short film The Water Protectors Journey - Along the Sipekne’katik River which explores the Nova Scotia story of the proposed Alton Gas project, its environmental impacts and how it is being opposed by Mi’kmaq Water Protectors supported by non-Indigenous allies.

The Antigonish Legion/CACL will also be the venue for the closing get together for all festival goers. This year we opted to have a wine and cheese celebration to give everyone a chance to visit with each other and discuss the films. Tickets are $12.00 and must be purchased before October 24. They can be purchased, as well as festival passes, at the People’s Place Library, 283 Main Street.

AIFF always showcases local issues and local films and this year is no exception. There are several options here, too, marked on the schedule by ‘**’: the above mentioned The Water Protectors Journey, The Canadian Delegation (which features Chris Frazer, now a professor at StFX, as a young delegate to North Korea in 1989), From Redneck to Rainbow: The Rights & Freedoms of LGBTQ+ Youth (filmmaker Cara Jones), In Whose Backyard? (Mi'kmaw and African Nova Scotian communities share their stories and struggles on environmental racism), Magit’s Doll (Magit Poulette describes her experience at the Shubenacadie Indian Residential School), and Meshes of the Ocean (reminiscences of a 97-year-old fisherman now living in Cape Breton).

The AIFF wishes to wholeheartedly thank the many sponsors and volunteers who make it possible to have such a far-reaching festival in such a small community.

Thank you for attending; we hope you enjoy the festival!

The Antigonish International Film Festival

Organizing Committee

Welcome to AIFF


Festival Pass* (access to all films)

$20 regular / $5 student, unwaged

Seating on a first come, first served basis

*Admission by donation at the door for those

without a Festival Pass, space permitting



People’s Place Library        283 Main Street

or at the venues during the festival


October 26

Friday  afternoon 12:00-6:35

 Cineplex Theatre

People’s Place Library

Town Council Chambers


Friday night 7:00-9:30

Antigonish Legion/CACL


October 27

Saturday 9:00-5:45

Cineplex Theatre

People’s Place Library

Town Council Chambers



a chance to gather with other festival goers

Saturday evening, October 27 6:00-8:00

 Antigonish Legion/CACL

75 St. Ninian Street

Tickets $12.00 on sale at

People’s Place Library before October 24

Ticket includes a drink as well as access to cheese/nibbles


Pacha Mama

18 College St, Antigonish

(902) 318-3804


Hours of operation for Friday and Saturday are 9 a.m to 5 p.m

Menu options, available to AIFF film goers only: 

  • Roasted butternut squash coconut soup for $9
  • Red lentil and spinach dal with organic brown rice for $11
  • Grilled tofu with vermicelli noodle and veggies for $13

Each option will include choice of a small tea or coffee and one chocolate truffle.

Please order by Wednesday 10/24 to ensure your order is ready.


Waffle House

18 College St, Antigonish

(902) 735-2406

Hours of operation for Friday and Saturday are 9 a.m to 5 p.m

Menu options:

  • Choice of any savoury option on menu (sandwich or salad) or sweet option and a choice of smoothie, all for $12
  • Choice of any savoury option on menu or sweet option and a choice of beverage (smoothie excluded), all for $10

Please order by Wednesday 10/24 to ensure your order is ready.


Little Christos

332 Main St, Antigonish

(902) 867-4992


Hours of operation: Friday 11 am – 9:30 pm; Saturday 9:30 am – 9:30 pm

  • Friday & Saturday: All salads, pizza, and sandwiches can be pre-ordered and picked up at a set time.
  • Saturday brunch (9:30-2:30), you can also order hot Ricotta blueberry stuffed French toast with Blueberry sauce, or toasted Westerns on homemade bread with Rosemary potatoes.

See the Little Christos website for menu and prices.

Please order 2 hours in advance to ensure your order is ready.

AIFF film-goers who save their passes will qualify for a 25% discount on all meals the following week (October 29 – November 3).


Kenny’s Pizza

26 College St A, Antigonish

(902) 735-1800

Hours of operation: open all day and evenings


No pre-order is necessary. Kenny can cook up an entire pizza in 10” or you can order large, ready-made, individual slices on the spot for $4.75 each. Or enjoy a salad or a sub or lots of other options. This is fast food. Various drinks, including beer on tap, are also available. 

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And see what they said about AIFF . . .

First Friday Film Festival

Our First Friday Film Festival (FFFF) is a monthly program that extends the opportunity to view documentary films in Antigonish throughout the fall, winter and spring months. Recent themes included music, dance, art, animal rights, human rights and the environment. Choices include films that express the inherent mystery and intrigue of life, history and circumstances while celebrating challenging, creative and investigative storytelling.

Admission is by donation.

Comments from past Festivals:
  • “You cannot watch these films and not be moved.”
  • “I was here last year. ... And it is really, really enjoyable. I’ve been to Toronto Film Festivals and … New York film festivals. And I have to say in comparison, ours rocks.”
  • “You wouldn’t see a lot of this stuff in a regular theatre … makes you think outside of the box, think beyond your own space.”
  • “It serves as a real spring board for conversation about different issues.”
  • “Cool films!” “Inspiring human stories!” “Thought provoking films.”
  • “There is Hope!”
  • “Truly excellent experience—will be back next year.”
  • “Refreshing, invigorating, well organized.”
  • “Friendly.”
  • “Uncomplicated, welcoming and provocative.”
  • “Outstanding films, very inspiring. What a great collection of films!”
  • “Uplifting, very informative.”
  • “Afterwards raving to each other about the must-see films we’d just seen!”
  • “Great experience!” "Very inspirational.”
  • “Opened my eyes to many world issues.”
  • “Opportunity to meet and talk with others.”
  • “Inspired & touched”
  • “Learned more than was expected. Changed my mind on things.”
  • “Many brave people and their stories.”
  • “Untold human misery persist; boundless hope also prevails.”
  • “Injustice surrounds us but can be stopped when people work together.”
  • “The dimensions of suffering and transformation, simultaneously occurring all over the world.”
  • “It introduces, exposes, empowers and teaches about global issues and how they affect us here at home.”
  • “Struck by surface [media] coverage of events in contrast to the in-depth info of these films”