Antigonish International Film Festival 

Oct. 21, 22 and 23, 2016


2016 is the 10th anniversary of the Antigonish International Film Festival. As an extra treat, and in recognition of this special occasion, AIFF will have an afternoon showing of a feature film on Sunday, Oct. 23.

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Upcoming First Friday Film
L'Arche Antigonish Fundraiser
Friday December 9, 2016
Fundraiser for L'Arche Antigonish on December 9 an evening of four films arranged by the Antigonish International Film Festival

7:00 PM Dec. 9
151 Nicholson Hall, StFX, Antigonish
Admission by donation. All proceeds to L'Arche Antigonish

Love and Belonging: In 1964, Jean Vanier, a Canadian professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto, created the first L’Arche community in the village of Trosly in France. Now there are 146 L’Arche communities around the world in which people with and without intellectual disabilities share a home. In this film Jean Vanier shares his memories of the early days of L’Arche and the spiritual insights provided by its subsequent development. Love and Belonging is accompanied by three short films about L'Arche communities - Antigonish: What Is Hearts & Hands?, Cape Breton: Life in L'Arche Cape Breton, and Quebec: Pareil pas pareil.

L'Arche Antigonish has just been named the StFX Community Partner Recognition Award winner. This achievement will be celebrated at Fall Convocation December 4, 2016.

Hearts & Hands is an art program within L'Arche Antigonish where people from L'Arche and the wider community come together to discover their creative potential and form friendships through visual arts, music, dance and drama.

First Friday Film Festival

Our First Friday Film Festival (FFFF) is a monthly program that extends the opportunity to view documentary films in Antigonish throughout the fall, winter and spring months. Recent themes included music, dance, art, animal rights, human rights and the environment. Choices include films that express the inherent mystery and intrigue of life, history and circumstances while celebrating challenging, creative and investigative storytelling.

Admission is by donation.

Welcome to AIFF

Welcome to the 10th annual Antigonish International Film Festival (AIFF) bringing you the best documentaries from around the world. The festival has grown and thrived thanks to all of our sponsors, volunteers, and many attendees. Over these ten years we have shown more than 300 films to an audience of over 14,300.

We wish to salute the thirty original sponsors who joined us in this venture in 2007 and are still with us in 2016. The names of these loyal sponsors are in bold typeface on the sponsors’ pages at the front of the program.

AIFF has made a difference in our community, encouraging efforts to confront such issues as climate change, availability of local food, the connections be-tween art and health, problems with the prison system, needs of refugees; the list goes on . . .

This year’s festival is no exception, showcasing the types of films you have come to expect: award-winning, hard-hitting, challenging, heart-warming, beautiful, fun, _____ (fill in your own adjective).

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, we have a bonus presentation of an amazing film on Sunday afternoon: Human (2015) from France by director Yann Arthus-Bertrand beginning at 1 pm in Nicholson Hall 151 on the StFX campus. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see this beautiful, wide-ranging and deeply moving film on the big screen. Please check out the synopsis in the FILMS list.

We invite you to join the celebration as we wish AIFF a HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY, and many more!


The Antigonish International Film Festival
Organizing Committee

Comments from past Festivals:
  • “You cannot watch these films and not be moved.”
  • “I was here last year. ... And it is really, really enjoyable. I’ve been to Toronto Film Festivals and … New York film festivals. And I have to say in comparison, ours rocks.”
  • “You wouldn’t see a lot of this stuff in a regular theatre … makes you think outside of the box, think beyond your own space.”
  • “It serves as a real spring board for conversation about different issues.”
  • “Cool films!” “Inspiring human stories!” “Thought provoking films.”
  • “There is Hope!”
  • “Truly excellent experience—will be back next year.”
  • “Refreshing, invigorating, well organized.”
  • “Friendly.”
  • “Uncomplicated, welcoming and provocative.”
  • “Outstanding films, very inspiring. What a great collection of films!”
  • “Uplifting, very informative.”
  • “Afterwards raving to each other about the must-see films we’d just seen!”
  • “Great experience!” "Very inspirational.”
  • “Opened my eyes to many world issues.”
  • “Opportunity to meet and talk with others.”
  • “Inspired & touched”
  • “Learned more than was expected. Changed my mind on things.”
  • “Many brave people and their stories.”
  • “Untold human misery persist; boundless hope also prevails.”
  • “Injustice surrounds us but can be stopped when people work together.”
  • “The dimensions of suffering and transformation, simultaneously occurring all over the world.”
  • “It introduces, exposes, empowers and teaches about global issues and how they affect us here at home.”
  • “Struck by surface [media] coverage of events in contrast to the in-depth info of these films”